Why 2W?

Come reinvent your relationship with energy with us.

  • Consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability and seek unique and sustainable products and experiences. In Brazil, we have a potential market of 80 million energy consumers, but only very few of them know about the free energy market and that they can choose their energy supplier. Regulation is moving towards the full opening of the energy market in Brazil.
  • It is necessary to create personalized experiences in products and services that integrate all channels, creating a consistent and purposeful journey for the customer. We offer:
    • Cost reduction: energy purchases at a lower price with predictable costs and prevention of waste;
    • Simplicity: reduced bureaucracy in energy purchases, making it easy to choose the supplier;
    • Security: transparent contract with the supplier, including a physical guarantee of energy supply;
    • Flexibility: pay only for the energy consumed, with great flexibility and no impact on costs;
    • Sustainability: access to 100% renewable energy, with concern for the sustainability policies and commitment to reducing carbon emissions.
  • In terms of freedom, the energy sector still has a long way to go. Brazil came 55th in the international electricity freedom ranking (2019).
  • What has happened in the world? In around 40 countries, all consumers can already choose their energy supplier.
  • Other sectors grew quickly driven by consumer experience: Banks, Telephony, Streaming and Transport.
  • We have anticipated an expected movement in the country: the migration from the traditional market of Distributed Power Generation (DG) connections to the Free Energy Market.
  • Low portability penetration in an incipient market creates a great opportunity.
  • We already a market presence and a scalable platform.
  • High capillarity and regionalization with the development of small local entrepreneurs (hyperlocal entrepreneurs).
  • Social participation in the local development.
  • Partnership – We have a model based on alignment and accountability for the Company’s results.
  • Governance and sustainability standards.