Corporate Profile

To reinvent society’s relationship with energy!

2W has come to change the market and the entire customer experience with electricity. With technology and sustainability, our customers have freedom and power of choice for more informed decisions. We are the second wave of the electricity sector!

Agility and competitiveness

We are the disruption of the energy market. Supported by an integrated digital platform, Energia Livre, we are going to change the customer experience with energy. And this will be available nationwide! We have more than 100 sales representatives (hyperlocal entrepreneur) all over Brazil, supporting customers through all stages of purchase.

We have products for a wide range of customers, including companies and individuals (B2B or B2C). Our solutions enable access to energy from renewable sources at competitive prices. With technology and democratizing access to information, we support 2W’s rapid growth. We have also invested in our own 100% renewable wind and solar energy generation projects, which will enable us to offer energy at more stable and more competitive prices.

All this with great market soundness. We had over 1,000 customers in 2020 and sold 4.2 average GW over the last five years.

Entrepreneurship for innovation

2W currently has a partnership structure, in which our partners hold executive positions or are members of the Board of Directors or the Governance Committees, giving even more voice and accountability to the Company’s results.

Our team has extensive experience in various energy sectors: generation, commercialization, project development, pricing and climate analysis, as well as a background in structuring public and private financing.

We believe this model is an important pillar of our success, as it reinforces the integration of the business areas, strategy and governance. In addition to ensuring a strong commitment to our results, it facilitates our ability to maintain a lean and efficient organizational structure in terms of costs.

Doing the right thing: Ethics and transparency

We are a category “A” publicly held company, follow the same governance standards as the companies listed on the stock exchange and voluntarily submit to the CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) regulation.

We are a member of the United Nations’ Global Compact Network in Brazil, designed to mobilize the business community to adopt and promote in their business practices ten universally accepted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

We follow policies that prioritize environmental, health, safety, compliance and risk management standards in order to obtain advantages in the commercialization, development and management of renewable energy generation projects.

2W’s Board of Directors is governed by the highest governance standards in the Brazilian market, supporting all the initiatives that promote ethics and transparency, not limited to those described earlier.